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About Me My name is Courtney. I'm a party planner, organizer, and chocolate lover. Most importantly, however, I'm a mother just trying to share some beautiful things with you :)

How to Stop Neck Pain

The average person starts to notice more neck pain as they age. Often, this is due to the strain placed on the neck area through the years. Symptoms usually appear gradually. The difficulty starts with a problem turning the head, stiffness, a dull ache in the area, and general tenderness. Neck pain is experienced by half the adult population during the year. However, most cases are treatable.

First, it is important to note that there are two types of pain. One type of pain is short-term and clears up in a matter of days. Short-term treatments include taking prescribed medications, massage therapy, and exercise. However, long-term pain continues for an extended period. A doctor might prescribe drugs or even recommend minimally invasive surgery procedures to treat the condition. Minimally invasive procedures only require a small incision in the patient’s neck. It is a preferred spinal procedure. Patients prefer this procedure because less risk is involved, and recovery time is quicker.

acupuncture-for-back-painUnusual Treatments
Alternative medicine experts discovered that there are a number of very valid alternative treatments for short-term pain. A study showed that treatment with acupuncture did show some slight improvement in the condition. However, chronic pain required acupuncture along with physical therapy to show any signs of improvement.

Serious Conditions
Those with serious symptoms should take control of their spinal health, and consult with their doctor for more tests.  Serious symptoms might include pain that lingers along the shoulders and neck. Many might experience numbness in that area also. This is a sign that the person might have a pinched nerve. Those experiencing any of these symptoms should consult with a doctor immediately.  One option would be to consult North American Spine as they are considered a valuable source of information and advice regarding severe back pain that you may be experiencing.

Preventing Pain
Here are a few tips on preventing pain.

  • Don’t sit for long periods of time. Get up and move around every ten minutes.
  • Sleep on a pillow that supports your neck.
  • Strengthen your neck area with specific neck exercises daily.
  • Don’t strain the neck to look at a computer monitor or television. Adjust it for better viewing.

For more information on spinal health, spinal procedure, preventative measures and treatments, consult with your doctor or a spine surgeon.

How to Incorporate Shape Wear into Your Winter Wardrobe

Every woman wants to look their very best during the holidays but it can be a challenge. With busy days planning dinners, decorating, and shopping for gifts, the holiday season and colder weather sends us into a spiral of gaining weight that continues through winter. With less time and motivation to work out and loads more food on the table, the number on the scale undeniably creeps up. We can choose to hide under layers and layers of clothing, but there is a better option out there.

winter dressSo before you totally give up fashion and pull out the baggy sweatshirts and mom jeans, consider adding shape wear to your wardrobe from a place like Spanx. It’s the secret weapon of many celebrities and the best part is it’s not just for women. You can get your man looking slim and trim in the garments as well. He may be hesitant at first, (as many of us are) but once he sees the results the simple garments can produce, he will be all in!

So what exactly is shape wear? And how can you incorporate it into your wardrobe? The answers are below….

Shape wear is classified as tight-fitting underwear intended to control and shape your figure. It’s a foundation piece that you can use to build your outfit. So where do you start? First, assess your problem areas. Are you heavier around the mid-section? Or do you carry your weight on the bottom? Determining the areas you struggle with is important. You will need to choose pieces that target these areas for the best results. If you need to hide your tummy, choose a cami. Need to lift your butt? Pick a pair of biker-shorts. Today, shape wear manufacturers have products that address problem areas on both men and women. Do your research.

Next you need to analyze your wardrobe so you know what shape of garment to get so it doesn’t come out of hiding. Are you planning to wear a dress to a family dinner or get together with friends? Choose a garment that is dress shorter than what you are planning to wear. You need to think about what you already have, so you can buy garments to compliment your existing wardrobe.

With these simple tips and tricks, you will be looking your best during the winter without having to be dedicated to the gym. You’ll be so glad that you incorporated shape wear into your winter wardrobe. You can worry about the gym come bikini season.

Ink Cartridge Purchases


Despite the global movement towards digital documentation of information, printers and paper documents are still an essential part of people’s everyday lives. There are certain things that simply need to remain on paper and cannot be solely converted to a digital copy. Paper copies produce frustration with financial costs of printers and the continuous replacement of ink cartridges and toners. Purchasing used cartridges and toners can be cost efficient. This is especially true with businesses since they are in constant need of refills of ink and toners.

Specializing in the distribution of used and discounted ink cartridges and toner products; is the go to for the highest quality of these items. They supply ink cartridges for nearly every laser or inkjet printer found in the market. is able to offer cartridges, laser tones, ink refills, toner refills, and printing supplies for only a small percentage of the price retailed by the original manufacturing company. Founded in 1999, 123inkjets purchases their own inventory with no third party companies, thus ensuring that their products are only of the highest quality. Within the past 10 years alone, they have sold over 5 million ink cartridges. This is reflective of their efficient and reliable products.

There are many benefits to purchasing a used HP toner or ink cartridge. These items can become incredibly costly and financially damaging. This is especially the case since these products are necessary for repeat purchases. Generally, when a consumer first purchases an ink cartridge, they are not fully filled. When purchasing used cartridges, fills it to the top, allowing a longer amount of use. Used ink cartridges generally cost a whopping 70% less than name brand companies that sell the product.

Another benefit of purchasing a used HP toner or ink cartridge is its benefit to the environment. Recycling the plastic, rubber, steel, or aluminum found in the product saves a lot of waste that would be released into the environment. also sells its products with a guarantee. They ensure only the best quality ink jets or HP toner and will replace or fully refund any defective item. 123inkjets are able to keep a massive quantity of the products and this allows the prices to remain low. They happily offer a free shipping service as well. Purchases made through 123inkjets are made to be incredibly simple for the consumer.

Save with Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridges

56/365 - Counting stupid things

Anyone that has a printer can tell you manufacturer replacement inkjet cartridges are very expensive. offers a cost-effective alternative to these costly cartridges. Just because a printer says that you have to use one brand of ink does not mean that this is necessarily the case. You can use either remanufactured or refilled cartridges and save quite a bit of money. has refill kits for your inkjet cartridges where you fill your old cartridge right at home. With these kits, you take the plug out of the old cartridge and then use the included syringe to replace the ink. With the step by step instructions that come with the kit it is simple and only takes a few minutes and you are able to save quite a bit of money. These kits allow you to refill your cartridges several times for the cost of one manufacturer cartridge.

Remanufactured inkjet cartridges are used cartridges that have been used, taken apart and then filled with new ink. This is similar to what you would do at home with a refill kit except you do not have to deal with any of the mess. These remanufactured cartridges usually cost around half or even less of what you would pay for a new, name brand cartridge. These are simple to use because all that you have to do is put them in your printer there is no mess like what you could end up with when refilling a cartridge.

Some printers may have a problem with remanufactured and refilled cartridges, and may tell you that you are using the wrong cartridge but all you have to do about this is to say okay and for the most part you should be good to go. Other than this small issue you should not notice any difference in the quality of the ink. These inkjet cartridges work great for printing everything from documents to high quality photographs.

Saving money is a great reason to use either remanufactured or refilled cartridges but you can also save the environment at the same time. Every year there are over 300 million cartridges tossed into landfills that could be used again and that is not only bad for the environment, it is also a complete waste of money that could be used for many better things. When you used refilled cartridges, there is less waste than there would be if you were to throw out your old cartridges and buy new ones.

Rooms You Forgot to Decorate

The leaves will be falling reminding us the holiday decorating season is upon us. The “Martha” wannabes are looking for fresh idea for their holiday home décor ideas. They will be conjuring cinnamon and pumpkin throughout the home in hopes of inspiration. Well, ladies light that pumpkin candle, get out those idea binders and let’s see if we can inspire and transform your home into a wonderland! 

We are going to start small. Somewhere you might have ignored in the past, but not anymore! The bathroom! Yes, even your bathroom needs a touch of holiday décor. But, we are going to move beyond the toilet seat covers and hand towels (which are nice). How about a tree? There are various trees sizes and colors you can choose from to place in your bathroom depending on its’ size. If you do not have much floor space, which many of us do not, you can choose a tree that is tall and slim for the sink. No sink room; pick a wreath to hang on the door or wall. Now, this is the fun part, decorating your tree or wreath! You can find all sorts of ornaments for various occasions or themes. Holiday home décor ideas can from items already in your home or found in the stores and if you can’t find what you are looking for, create it, or go for a color theme. Use bows, ribbons, jewelry, beads, etc…The point is when you, a family member or guest walks into that bathroom it will feel like a pleasant surprise when they go in. How many bathrooms have you been in that were decked-out for the holiday with a tree or wreath? Not many so show-off your holiday décor ideas in the bathroom.

Another room that may have been neglected in the past is the bedroom. Pick one, pick them all! Go with a theme for each room. Pick what you or your loved ones love. Kids enjoy getting involved in this process because it makes them feel special. They see mom decorating the entire house and putting so much time and care into it that it will really make an impression on them that she has taken time to decorate their room- promise. Again, get creative, go with the amount of space you have on the floor or walls. Use letters to spell out a holiday saying or wish. The key is to have fun and create!

Look around you for inspiration. Your holiday home décor ideas will flow more easily once you get started and go with the things that you love. Happy decorating!


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